Breaking news, November 16th, 2017

The presenter of News: Daniel Orlov. A car explosion occurred on the main highway in Tel Aviv, Israel. One person was killed and one was seriously injured. Law enforcement authorities call this incident a "criminal one", excluding the possibility of a Palestinian terrorist attack. The incident occurred on the highway Ayalon - the busiest motorway of Tel Aviv. Part of the road was temporarily closed. The Syrian Army continues to hustle out the fighters of "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham" in the north of the province of Ham. Over the past 24 hours, Syrian troops liberated the villages of Rabda, Harp, Hazim and Kikia to the north-east of the previously occupied town of Duma and moved significantly closer to the border of Idlib province. The offensive in the north of the province of Ham is aimed at the release of the key air base Abu Duhur, which is called the main defensive outpost of militants to the west of Idlib. The Syrian government troops are regrouping forces in the Damascus area, where opposition militants are trying to seize a key military base in the eastern suburb of Harast. The Supreme Command of the SAA announced the transfer of the 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard to the area. In addition, Damascus is also pulling other forces into the area of the Mechanized Base in Harast, where they are to reflect coordinated, joint attacks by the groups "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham", "Ahrar al-Sham" and "Failak ar-Rahman" . Syrian aviation conducts massive air strikes against the advancing parts of the militants. An explosion occurred near the restaurant in the Khair Khan district of Kabul. At that time, there was a politicians meeting of the Islamic Society of Afghanistan party. The suicide bomber activated an explosive device near the restaurant. As a result, at least 18 people were killed and about 10 injured. Three cars were destroyed. According to preliminary information, ex-adviser to the President of Afghanistan Ziya Masud could have been wounded. At the moment, none of the factions took responsibility for the attack. During the past day the AFU violated ceasefire 30 times in the DPR. During the bombardment rocket artillery, mortars of various calibers, APCs and IFVs, grenade launchers and small arms were used. The areas of 16 front-line settlements of the Republic fell under the fire. At night the villages of Golmovsky and Karlo-Marxovo, located respectively on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka and to the south of it, got under heavy artillery fire. In these settlements, 22 large-caliber projectiles were fired. The production of the single-engine lightplane IL-103 is planned to be resumed in Russia. The aircraft is a dual-use one and is suitable for for pilot training. The possibility of using foreign engines for the new Il-103, as well as the variant of adaptation of the power plant for drones, created in the Experimental Design Bureau named after Simonov, are considered.

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